10 easy, last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts

In case you didn't know, Valentine's Day is on Thursday! If that strikes you as a surprise, your first instinct might be to panic - but don't worry. We've got you covered. Here are some last-minute gift ideas that are sure to be winners.


To kick off our list of last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts, we opted to go with a time-honored favorite. Sure – the idea of chocolate probably isn’t surprising anyone. But it’s possible that you may have forgotten about it in your panicked search for good gift ideas…

We recommend: a delicious treat from Alanna’s Gourmet

King cake is the Mardi Gras treat you don’t want to miss


And of course, flowers comprise another subject on our list that can’t be missed. Even if they’re not your main gift, they are a really strong complement to it. Flowers are perhaps the most well-known – if unimaginative – gift on Valentine’s Day.

We recommend: one of these awesome bouquets from Montgomery florist ‘Flowers by Buck.’

Teddy bear(s)

Teddy bears are the perfect slightly-off-the-beaten path gift for Valentine’s Day. They’re still super safe while at the same time providing more longevity than flowers or chocolate. Make sure you’re in that relationship for the long haul, though – we’d hate for Mr. Fluffykins to suffer because of a bad break-up.

We recommend: honestly – you can get a good teddy bear pretty much anywhere; think Wal-Mart or something similar!

Gift cards

Honestly, your significant other is going to call you out for this one. Gift cards constitute a complete disregard for a thoughtful gift – but it’s something. And most people are going to appreciate something better than nothing! Gift cards go a long way in turning what could be a negative situation into a positive one.

We recommend: get your partner a gift card from somewhere you know they like!

Spa day

If you’re a big-baller, why not gift your significant other a day at the spa? Sure – it’ll cost you a little more than the average gift, but it definitely shows appreciation. I think it’s fair to say that they’ll be pleasantly surprised – who doesn’t like being pampered?

We recommend: some relaxation over at the Spa at Montgomery.


This one’s mostly targeted at the esteemed women in our lives, but you absolutely can’t go wrong with jewelry. After all, if she hates it she can just return it! In all seriousness, jewelry – like a day at the spa – really shows your significant other that you care and are invested in the relationship.

We recommend: there are lots of great jewelry shops in Central Alabama, but why not check out some of the offerings down at Marquirette’s

Personalized letter

This one won’t cost you anything but some ink and paper – and it’s likely to be a huge winner. While it’s a little late in the game to ship it through the mail, why not write your significant other a personalized letter? Outline why you love them so much, and why they make your heart sing.

We recommend: you’re on your own with this one, chief! 

Free "passes"

If you’re up against it for an idea, try investing a little bit of your future time into a fun gift. It won’t cost you anything in a monetary sense, but will have just as much of an impact. Give your significant other free “passes” for a back rub, chores, or something else entirely. Your imagination is the limit with this one.

We recommend: keep it wholesome and offer something that will show your partner you appreciate them! 

"Pamper" box

While one gift from a big-box shop might scream “last-minute,” you can buy multiple smaller items and create a do-it-yourself “pamper” box full of fun goodies. You can include body scrubs, shampoo, or maybe even something edible like candy! This is another one where imagination will go a long way.

We recommend: get one of these decorative boxes from Wal-Mart and fill it to the brim with cool knick-knacks!


It’s hard to go wrong with a new handbag, but be warned: she’ll know the difference between a cheap and quality. That said, who can argue with a flashy, useful, addition to the wardrobe? There are tons of good options in and around Montgomery on this one, so be sure to keep it local!

We recommend: one of these awesome choices from Montgomery’s Splurge boutique.

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