Auburn University’s ‘Aubie’ First Inductee Installed at Mascot Hall of Fame

Popular, fun-loving mascot Aubie was welcomed into The Mascot Hall of Fame recently.

Auburn’s favorite mascot, Aubie, was inducted into Whiting, Indiana’s “Mascot Hall of Fame” back in 2006. Since then, he’s been the member of a small group of mascots who only see a new addition once per year.

Established as an online-only organization in 2005, the Mascot Hall of Fame opened up its real-world doors to the public just this month. They’re dedicated to honoring the best of the best when it comes to these entertainers. Aubie has been such a stellar component, the organization decided he needed to be the first of their overhead balloon displays.

Check it out!

Aubie is the first of many mascots who will be immortalized in these displays. Some of the other past inductees include:

  • The Philadelphia Phillies’ ‘Phillie Phanatic’
  • Ohio State’s ‘Brutus Buckeye’
  • The New York Mets’ ‘Mr. Met’
  • The Denver Nuggets’ ‘Rocky’
  • The Chicago Bulls’ ‘Benny the Bull’

You can find a full list of inductees on the Hall of Fame’s website, right here.

David Raymond, founder of the Mascot Hall of Fame, said “Aubie was the first collegiate mascot to be on the ballot and that was due to his long-standing relationship with the University of Auburn, their fans, alumni and community at large.”

So, more than a decade later, Aubie’s popularity extends across the nation: can you say “War Eagle!?”

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