‘Best 12’ Competition Winners Announced

Central Alabama Weekend started its first-ever “Best 12” competition just two weeks ago, and the community came out in droves to support their favorite businesses. We’ve tallied up the votes, and are here to bring you the ‘Best 12’ of Central Alabama.

Without further ado:

Best Sushi – Sushi Cafe

As they say: it’s all in the name. Sushi Cafe is one of our favorites here at Central Alabama Weekend, and it looks like our audience feels the same. Sushi Cafe absolutely dominated the competition, accruing more than half of the total votes cast in this category. Their food – even the non-sushi items – is always delicious, and service impeccable.

Best Lawyer – Stewart Vance/The Vance Law Firm

Stewart Vance is as near an icon as you can get in the Central Alabama Community. We’ve all seen one of his commercials at one point or another, but this was another dominating performance – Vance’s firm pulled in a huge majority of the votes. Like Sushi Cafe, Vance’s firm crushed it with more than 50 percent of the votes cast in this category.

Best BBQ – Jim ‘N Nick’s

It’s a time-honored classic here in the South. Jim ‘N Nick’s is known for stellar barbecue and great atmosphere. You can’t go wrong with this, and can expect great-tasting food across the chain. Plus – don’t forget about the amazing, buttery rolls that come along the BBQ. We have to stop typing… it’s making us hungry.

Best Pediatrician – Partners in Pediatrics

Partners in Pediatrics offers an array of care for your children. They are one of the premiere spots in Montgomery, and the reviews across Google and other sites indicate the same. We’re excited they’ve made it onto our list. Given that you voted them in, we can guess that you’re pretty stoked, as well.

Best Seafood – Jubilee

Jubilee Seafood is one of Cloverdale’s most impressive offerings. The area has become a center for young folk and new business alike. Jubilee offers some of the best seafood in Montgomery, and if your votes are any indicator, they’re clocking in at number one! Next time you’re looking for good dinner in the area, you know where to go.

Best Roofing Company – Jones and Brothers and Guyette (TIE)

Roofs are important. They protect us from the wind, rain and sometimes-crazy neighbors. You probably have a roof in your life, and it likely needs a little TLC. Next time you’re looking to give your roof that special treatment, keep Jones Brothers and Guyette Roofing in mind. They’ll fix you right up!

Best Place for Family Outing – Montgomery Biscuits

It was a hard-fought battle with numerous entries, but the Montgomery Biscuits eventually won this category by the slimmest of margins. That’s not to take away from its win – this Montgomery treasure is one of the premiere family fun spots in the entire state. We probably go to a Biscuits game at least twice a month during the season here at Central Alabama Weekend!

Best Dentist – Montgomery Dental Arts

I want my dentist to love art. I want them to appreciate the finer things in life, and when you go to a place called “Montgomery Dental Arts,” I’m expecting to come out with a smile that looks like Picasso’s finest. Seriously, though – we love this place, and it’s got some of the kindest, most friendly people you’ll ever meet working there.

Best Burger – Hamburger King

If you’ve never had Hamburger King, you’re missing out. There’s a reason the lunch hour at this Montgomery joint is always jam-packed, and that’s because the burgers are out of this world. The buns are toasted to perfection, and the meat’s succulent. I mean – it’s in the name: they’re the “king” of hamburgers, right?

Best Bank or Credit Union – MAX Credit Union

Banks and credit unions are a part of life. You probably use one every day, and if you’re doing that, then it’s good to have solid people behind the counter to support you. That’s why MAX Credit Union is taking home this award. They know what solid customer service really is, and our audience agrees.

Best Festival or Outdoor Activity – Montgomery Dragon Boat Festival

The Montgomery Dragon Boat Festival is an annual event held on the Alabama River. Teams race for charity, and while the firefighters seem to always walk away with first prize, we still like to participate and visit this awesome event. It’s one of the more interesting events that happens throughout the year, and we’re looking forward to 2018’s!

Best Veterinarian – Blue Ridge Animal Clinic

My animals are my life. I mean – I’m not even sure where I’d be without them. They bring me joy, and if you feel the same way about yours, then you absolutely need to take care of them. The Blue Ridge Animal Clinic in Wetumpka is perhaps the best spot for day-to-day pet care in Central Alabama. Plus, their lobby is full of cute animals – so, visiting is never a chore.

So that’s it! What did you think of the winners for our first Best 12 competition? We’re going to try and make this a regular thing, highlighting businesses and other great places in the future. Stay tuned for future Best 12 contests, and we’ll see you next time!