Bibb St. Pizza Company lets you leave a note, reserve a slice of pizza for the homeless

Leave a slice for the homeless and enjoy some pizza at this Montgomery hot spot!

The Bibb St. Pizza Company came to Montgomery last year alongside Common Bond Brewers. The two work together to help provide awesome experiences for anyone who visits. Bibb St. has remained one of the most popular lunchtime destinations for Montgomery-folk, and there’s no wondering why – the food’s absolutely delicious! And last week, the business reinforced our good feelings toward them with a truly special promotion helping the homeless. It’s being called ‘A Slice of Life’ – read on to find out more.

(Check out our new video up above for an update on how the wall has grown!)

Outside the Bibb St. Pizza Company in downtown Montgomery.

Last week, Mid-Alabama Coalition for the Homeless Social Work Case Manager Patrick Aitken sat down for lunch at Bibb St. Pizza. Aitken asked the restaurant’s owner if he could “pay it forward” and the rest is history. Now, when you stop by Bibb St. Pizza, you can buy an extra slice of cheesy goodness for someone in need at a cost of $2.50. You then leave a note on the wall with a message to the recipient of that free slice. With that slice, they’ll also be given a cup of water.

By Saturday, the wall had many more free slices awaiting the homeless.

“Let’s fill the prepaid wall up with notes of encouragement and free slices of pizza for our neighbors in need!” Aitken wrote in a Facebook post. “Thanks and God bless.”

And the folks who are coming in to grab their free slice are in for a treat. Bibb St. Pizza Company was named the best pizza in Alabama by Family Traveller.

The wall as it appeared on Monday at lunchtime.

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