CC’s Daiquiris Closed Until Further Notice

CC’s Daiquiris announced Thursday they will be closed until further notice, but that they are still looking for investors and franchisees.

The announcement was made over their Facebook page, where they posted an image with the news:

Montgomery voiced its discontent with the news in its comments, some referencing a law established in 2018 that banned open containers on sidewalks around the downtown area.

Daiquiris had become locally famous for big weekend parties that stretched into the early morning. Their business often bled out onto the street and livened up the downtown area and Riverfront. Many patrons from Daiquiris frequented attractions in the area, and vice versa.

Daiquiris was not immediately available for comment, but we will update this story as more information becomes available.

Nevertheless, there’s hope that Daiquiris opens back up in the future. For now, we lament a great business gone under!

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