Costco is selling cheese flights and we’re pretty sure it’s the future

We’ve all heard of wine and craft beer flights – they’re nothing new in the realm of weekend exploits. They’re a great way to try smaller portions of higher-priced items without taking a full jump in. Often times, you can discover your new favorite by utilizing this awesome tool. Thanks to Costco, you’ll now have the opportunity to try out a new take on this classic offering: cheese flights.

If you think that’s code for something else, it’s not – it’s exactly what it sounds like. You can sample a bunch of different cheeses for the price of what one gourmet block of cheese might normally cost you. Specifically, the flights will run you just $19.99. As for what you’ll get, feast your eyes:

The Kirkland cheese flight you can get at Costco. (Source: Costcodeals/Instagram)

As you can tell, Kirkland is the genius company behind this. The cheeses included are:

  • Monteau Alpine Cow’s Milk Cheese
  • Cabot Clothbound Nature Bandage Cheddar Cow’s Milk Cheese
  • Red Wine Soaked Cheddar Cow’s Milk Cheese
  • 12-month-aged Manchego Spanish Sheep’s Milk Cheese
  • Dijon Herb Hand-rubbed Fontina Cheese

All of that sounds pretty posh – and maybe a little hard to understand – but just know that it’s all delicious. Especially that Dijon Herb cheese.

I mean, just look at it.

The flight was first discovered and reported by Costcodeals on Instagram, so you should definitely give them a follow.

So what do you say? Are you going to give the Costco cheese flight a try?

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