Greenville Haunted Firehouse – See Inside This Scary Attraction

The Greenville Haunted Firehouse has scares abound - watch us go through it and experience the terror through our eyes.

The Greenville Haunted Firehouse is one of Central Alabama’s premiere attractions. As its name suggests, it’s nestled all the way up in Greenville, but the drive is worth it – believe us.

This creepy attraction is full of ghosts, ghouls, demons and other unkind spirits. But the individuals behind the masks are not – in fact, they are some of the most friendly people you’ll ever meet. All of them are volunteers, and proceeds all go to a good cause. Profits from the haunted firehouse support the Muscular Dystrophy Association and American Cancer Society.

There are a couple of different price options available – each of them exceptionally low for the experience:

  • $8.00 – Haunt Tour – This is perhaps the most popular option. Standard thrills and scares from the Greenville Haunted Firehouse; it’s the one we did.
  • $18.00 – Teaser Ball – For $10.00 more, you get a necklace that relays to the Haunt Crew you are fair game to be grabbed and “attacked.” No one actually gets hurt, but you’re advised to “bring old clothes.”
  • $4.00 – Flashlight Tour – Designed for children under the age of 12, this tour allows children to explore the firehouse with a parent or guardian present. It is significantly less scary than the other options.

We absolutely loved the Greenville Haunted Firehouse, and will be returning again next year. If you’re looking for good thrills in the Central Alabama area, then you’ve got your fix. What are you waiting for?

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