Halo Top milkshakes are a thing and you can get them at Subway soon

Oh, boy – today’s foodie news is making us particularly excited. Subway, known for their delicious subs and warm cookies, is introducing a new menu item that’s sure to please. This comes in the form of Halo Top milkshakes, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to grab them real soon.

Today reported on Monday that the new shakes would be making their way to select markets across the United States. According to the article, these hand-spun milkshakes “are made with scoops of the low-calorie, high-protein frozen dessert and will come in three classic flavors: vanilla bean, chocolate and strawberry.”

The chocolate flavor milkshake will be based on the classic Halo Top ice cream flavor pictured above. (Source: Halo Top)

These new items are supposed to help bolster the Subway mantra of keeping it healthy while still being tasty. Each 16-ounce shake contains between 330 to 350 calories, and they’ve all got 21 grams of protein; in addition, you’ll find about 30 percent of your daily calcium intake.

But what may separate this offering from competitors’ shakes is that it’s only got 27 grams of sugar. We’re not sure yet if there are any additives or artificial sweeteners, but 27 grams of sugar for a milkshake sounds like a fine deal to us.

The testing is set to begin at Subway restaurants across the continental United States on July 22. More than 1,000 locations will receive the tasty treats across a total of six markets in four states – Colorado, Texas, Florida, and Ohio.

According to Today, even if you’re not in one of the test markets, you can likely expect the Halo Top offerings at your local Subway restaurants soon.

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