In Memoriam: The Restaurants Montgomery Lost in 2018

We lost some stellar food stops and watering holes in 2018. Some closed for financial reasons and others decided it was simply time to close up shop. No matter the reason, here's a smattering of businesses that we're still mourning.

Corsino's Italian Restaurant

In what may be the least painful closing of the year, Corsino’s Italian Restaurant closed on Dec. 31, 2018. The owners decided it was time to hang up the chef’s hat, and Montgomery showed up in stride for their last day of business. We’ll all remember the good times and stellar Italian foods at Corsino’s.

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Tenda Chick

Tenda Chick served the Montgomery area faithfully for more than 25 years until they shut down late last year. Their food was delicious, filling a space between fast food and fancier spaces; I think it’s fair to say we all yearn for establishments like this now and again. Unfortunately, they ran into some tax issues – read more here.

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Eastside Grille

Like Corsino’s, Eastside Grille’s last day of business was Dec. 31, 2018. And in similar fashion, it was a bang-up day for the restaurant – everyone showed up! We’re not sure why Eastside Grille decided it was time to shutter their doors, but that doesn’t change the fact we’re sad over it. Read their official post past this link.

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In what took the most surprising closing(s) of 2018, all four Bojangles’ locations in Montgomery and Selma shut down in January 2018. It shocked many in the area because the restaurants had just opened at the end of 2017. I guess this was a case of “cut the cord” early to stymie any further losses!

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Blackfinn Ameripub

Blackfinn Ameripub was – by all accounts – doing fairly well. They were a central part of the Eastchase Shopping Complex, and lots of folks frequented this swanky bar. No reason was ever given for their closing, but we’ll remember Blackfinn fondly. Read more about their closing here.

More restaurants Montgomery lost in 2018 below…


High-Five Poke Co.

High Five Poke Co. never gave a definitive answer on their closing. We contacted them and didn’t hear much back – but even Google’s indicating that they are “permanently” closed. It sucks, too, because we visited this awesome, Hawaiian-influenced restaurant on an almost weekly basis!


Zelda Road Taco Bell

Alright, so we didn’t really lose Taco Bell because it came right back in the exact same spot. But in its original form, Taco Bell ceases to exist. It burnt down, and the community experienced so much agony, our Taco Bell corporate overlords responded. They put the location on the fast track to be rebuilt.

Honestly, the whole thing ended up being a meme. See WSFA’s original report past this link.

Also, this happened:

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Atlanta Highway Krystal

Like Bojangles’, the Atlanta Highway Krystal went out pretty unceremoniously. One day they were there, and then they weren’t. But unlike Bojangles’, this location had been around for quite some time. To be honest, the location provided some awesome late-night eats – and I know the nearby students at Auburn University at Montgomery appreciated it.


Railyard Brewing Co.

Look – before you get up in arms, we know Railyard still exists. But considering Railyard’s restaurant space shut down in 2018, it’s still fair to argue that they’re a casualty. While you can still get a tasty Railyard beer over at Dreamland BBQ, the second-to-none pimento cheese burger (God help me) will never return.

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CC's Daiquiris

We reported that CC’s Daiquiris is closed until further notice earlier this week, and technically that places their shutdown in the New Year. Nevertheless, it deserves mentioning. CC’s was the go-to spot for revelers on the weekend, and while they could return in the future, you won’t have any luck right now.

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