JP’s Steakhouse now open in Wetumpka

Who doesn’t love a good steak? We can’t get enough, and it looks like Wetumpka can’t either. If you’re looking for a finer dining experience than normal, you don’t have to look any further. That’s because JP’s Steakhouse just opened up their doors to the public on Tuesday.

JP’s Steakhouse as it stood on Tuesday, June 11. (Source: Jacob Saylor/Central Alabama Weekend)

JP’s offers a host of awesome options for a night out in Wetumpka. You’ll find their menu is chock-full of some higher-priced options, but it looks like those of us looking to keep it cheap can still get away with our pocketbooks intact.

Check out what’s cooking on the menu below; you can check out their original Facebook post if you find this one a little hard to read.

The amazing-but-still-simple menu down at JP’s Steakhouse. (Source: JP’s Steakhouse/Facebook)

So, as you can see, most of the dishes are going to cost you between $14 and $20. Some of the more involved foods will cost you above that, but hey – it’s a steakhouse. Get out there and live a little with your Friday night, folks!

They’re still getting their feet wet in the Wetumpka market, but we stopped by for a quick visit this afternoon to say hello and needless to say: they are ready for your visit! The place looks gorgeous, and it’ll be a fantastic addition to the Wetumpka infrastructure.

In fact, the town has been the center of a number of new developments. Last month, the Woodcraft Cafe opened on its outskirts. Before that, the Coosa Cleaver showed up to the party back in January.

Take a look at the Coosa Cleaver in our video here:

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And here’s something we did on the Woodcraft Cafe, as well:

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