Krispy Kreme Offering Free Donuts on Halloween

Krispy Kreme’s been killing the game over the past few weeks with their dedication to Halloween. They’ve had candy-covered “Trick-or-Treat” donuts, as well as delicious dough rings. But what may surprise you more than anything is that Krispy Kreme is continuing the good cheer… Get a free donut on Halloween.

On Wednesday, customers will be able to walk into their nearest Krispy Kreme location and pick up a totally free, no-strings-attached donut. Thrillist reports the deal’s good for any donut at your local franchise while supplies last. And while the day unfortunately falls on a weekday this year, that just means less competition for the glazed goodness; if glazed isn’t your style, forgive us, but you’re just plain wrong.

Alternatively, you can get one of Krispy Kreme’s many different Halloween-specific donuts. They’re leaving stores soon, so what better opportunity will you have to get a taste?

If you’ve been living under a rock or hate donuts, then you may not know where your nearest Krispy Kreme store is. In that event, you can continue hating donuts like a heathen, or you can click this handy-dandy link and find a store near you. Even if you continue to hate donuts like a fun-sucking dementor, then show up with a friend and give him or her your donut.

The moral of the story? Lighten up, don’t be stingy, and eat lots of sugar.

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