Martin’s Restaurant is using an almost 100-year-old fried chicken recipe – and it’s delicious

Martin's Restaurant is a staple in the Montgomery community!

There are few restaurants in Montgomery that hold a fonder place in its denizens hearts’ than Martin’s Restaurant. It sits atop the heap of time-honored classics like Chris’ Hot Dogs as one of the most well-respected, most-visited spots across the city – and indeed, Central Alabama.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find somewhere more popular at lunchtime than this stellar destination.

But why is that? Could it be the friendly waitstaff? The delicious food? The welcoming, community-driven atmosphere? Maybe it’s some combination of all three.

No matter the distinction, Martin’s Restaurant is a behemoth in the Montgomery restaurant community. At the top of their best-selling list is their fried chicken, for which they’ve become widely known. The recipe dates back to the 1930s, when the restaurant first opened. Mary Anne Merritt, the owner, describes it as “flaky” and “crunchy.” Apparently it is not as “oily” as you’ll find at other, similar establishments. This attention to detail has made the Martin’s brand as strong as ever over the years.

But fried chicken isn’t all you’ll find here. They’ve also got a ton of delicious sides and other entrees. The menu changes on a daily basis, each day offering a specific-but-still-unique array of items. You’ll find southern style Jell-O infused with all sorts of goodies, fried catfish that’ll make your mouth water, and the usual rigmarole of delicious home cooking you’d expect to find at a meat-and-three. Don’t let the word “usual” fool you, though – everything at Martin’s is¬†unusually¬†well-crafted and tasty.

For all these reasons and many more, we can’t recommend visiting Martin’s enough. If you’re just passing through or you’re a regular, come on down for lunch or dinner and experience what southern hospitality (and food) is all about.

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