McDonald’s is testing kitchen robots and we can’t even

If there’s one thing that’s assured, it’s that robots are coming, boys and girls. And they’re coming to a McDonald’s kitchen near you very, very soon – at least, if a trial they’re running right outside of Chicago works out. According to The Wall Street Journal, McDonald’s has started testing “voice-activated drive-throughs and robotic deep-fryers” at an undisclosed location near the Windy City.

If that’s simultaneously terrifying and exciting, we’re right there with you. But it looks like the bigwigs over at McDonald’s aren’t that worried. They’re insistent that “the idea of technology is to help our crew—to make it easier and better for them.”

That, according to McDonald’s Senior Vice President Mason Smoot.

One customer reported that the drive-through system messed up his order after he hesitated while choosing his items. We’re just glad the monitor didn’t come to life like an evil version of Sonny from 2004’s I, Robot and sledgehammer the front of the customer’s car with a pair of wrought-iron fists.


Imagine the McDonald’s drive-through giving you that look. (Source: 20th Century Fox UK)

In all seriousness, this could be a great thing for McDonald’s workers. Automated fryers will take a little danger out of their day, and hopefully the drive-through process will become more streamlined with the new technology.

The company plans to expand the tests to other regions in the near future, but they’re being mum as to when or where exactly we’ll be able to experience commercial automation live and in the flesh… or, you know: not alive and definitely made of metal.

Prepare to be assimilated, for McDonald’s is making a huge bid on automation. (Source: Mike Mozart/Flickr)

For now, you’ll have to rest knowing that someone out there is living their best life getting the first-ever automated McDonald’s experience.

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