Meet the Wetumpka Public Library’s mystery rooster

He's a mystery - but an entertaining one!

Wetumpka’s got a lot of awesome to go around: you can grab a bite to eat the Coosa Cleaver, take a walk in Gold Star Park, or venture down the rapid-filled Coosa River. No matter what you do, Wetumpka’s a good time for anyone because it’s got something for everyone! And the latest attraction is something of a mystery to the folks in Wetumpka – but it’s no less one of our favorites. In February, a rooster started appearing on the steps of the Wetumpka Public Library.

Nobody knows where this rooster came from – nor does anyone know where he goes. He stops by the library’s front door every morning for food, and then he’s off into the not-so-mean-streets of Wetumpka.┬áSusan Hayes, the Wetumpka Library’s executive director, is the one who feeds him. She says that he’s been seen down near the Wetumpka Civic Center, and we’re sure there have been sightings elsewhere.

He’s kind of like a UFO, except he doesn’t fly and he’s totally identifiable.

While Hayes has yet to give the rooster a formal name, she’s open to ideas. And she’s got a few of her own.

But what might be the most interesting part of all this is that Hayes told us the rooster has been turning heads outside of Alabama. She’s gotten calls asking when and how people can see the rooster. It’s pretty incredible how far-reaching the legend of this mystery rooster goes.

In that regard, you’re probably wondering just how you can see him! Well… you’ve heard it before, and we’re saying it again: visit the library!

If you are far away from Wetumpka, then why not follow the Wetumpka Public Library on Facebook? That way, you’ll be able to see the many and varied pictures Hayes takes of the little guy.

Can’t get enough rooster?

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