Montgomery couple married at Common Bond Brewers

Andrew McNally is one of two minds behind Common Bond Brewers, a brand new production brewery that's opened its doors to the River Region.

If there’s one business that’s struck home with the Montgomery economy, it’s got to be Common Bond Brewers. They opened early last year to rave reviews, and in a partnership with Bibb St. Pizza, have become a go-to hot spot for Friday night in Central Alabama. We even had the opportunity to make a video featuring them, which you can check out up above!

And get this – one couple loves Common Bond so much they got married at the brewery over the past weekend.

“Natalie and Brandon have been with us since Day One as some of our very first guests,” Common Bond wrote on Twitter. “Months later, Brandon popped the question in the taproom. And on Saturday, we were privileged and honored to host their wedding.”

One can only assume the two must have a deep love for this Montgomery institution. Here are some pictures from the event.

The married couple – Brandon and Natalie – with unidentified child who is obviously going for that bracelet… (Source: Common Bond Brewers/Twitter)

Wait – their shirts changed colors! What is this demon magic? (Source: Common Bond Brewers/Twitter)

They even did something nice for the folks who were lucky enough to show up after the wedding. (Source: Common Bond Brewers/Twitter)

They even had special glasses made for the couple. (Source: Common Bond Brewers/Twitter)

Of course, the Facebook Post announcing the news was well-received, garnering more than 100 Reactions:

Look at that beautiful family! (Source: Common Bond Brewers/Facebook)

We wish Natalie and Brandon a beautiful common bond for the rest of their lives!

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