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This AL photographer transformed his dad from brain surgery patient to Bond villain ‘Stitches’

One Montgomery photographer – Edward Fieder, Jr. – has a truly unique story. That same tale has gone on to become one of Reddit’s most popular posts of 2018, and for good reason: it’s scary, heartwarming, and downright awesome.

And to tell this story, we have to start back in 2015.

“In mid-July of 2015 my dad had a brain aneurysm,” Edward said. “We thought it was food poisoning and my mom came home to him laying in the bathtub.”

The next morning, Edward’s Dad (Edward Fieder, Sr.) was still sick and complained of a headache. They took him to the hospital and eventually, through a battery of tests, discovered the aneurysm.

“It was extremely scary, and one of the nurses told us we should say our goodbyes,” Edward said. “After that, he was flown to UAB where they prepped him for surgery.”

Edward and his Dad on a trip to Universal Studios Orlando.

Fieder recollects that it took a long time for his family to laugh about it – but joke they eventually did, and not long after. Fieder, who studied design, technology, industry, and photography at Troy University, said that he remembered his Dad was a “HUGE [James] Bond fan.”

It wasn’t long after the thought crossed his mind that he was putting his father in front of the camera. This was the result:

They affectionately named the piece ‘Stitches,’ as it’s reminiscent of a classic James Bond villain.

“He loved it, and the fact we were creating lemonade out of lemons I think helped everyone’s mood, especially those friends and family who didn’t see him everyday like we did,” Edward said. “It kind of relieved others knowing he was up and around well enough to be goofing around with me.”

But this picture remained – for all intents and purposes – a family keepsake until the Montgomery photographer posted it to popular discussion website Reddit last week.

“I didn’t think it would blow up like it did… at all,” he said. “When it got a few hundred views I was excited.”

And the picture went viral with a quickness. It accrued nearly 700,000 views and 86,000 ‘up-votes,’ which is what Reddit users use to give their seal of approval. Edward said that he loves that people appreciate the photo and can draw from it whatever emotion they wish.

The Reddit page showing Edward’s more than 1,200 comments and 86,000 up-votes.

If you’re wondering, Edward Sr. is doing great. Although it’s been three years since the ordeal, he says that he is still in awe of his surgeon’s skill and the “extraordinary” support of his staff.

“My son has always explored the humorous side of otherwise serious issues,” he said. “Being a Type-1 diabetic, he is known for taking self portraits showing a more lighthearted approach to the subject, which in turn inspires and educates others.”

He’s enjoyed watching the dialogue open up around his son’s photo, and is thankful that he recovered with no side effects.

“The resilience of the human experience never ceases to amaze me,” he said.

Edward, Jr. took this photo of his family after his Dad’s surgery. 

Additionally, Edward, Jr. is the founder of the “The Faces of Diabetes” nonprofit. The organization exists to raise awareness of Diabetes through photography. You can find more information about The Faces of Diabetes by visiting their Facebook page.

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