Montgomery Zoo to unveil three new bongo – one of them is a baby

The Montgomery Zoo is always a fun spot for good fun whether you’re heading there during the week or over the weekend. For that reason, we’re always talking about what they’ve got going on. The latest to come out of the zoo is the revelation that they’ve got new bongo babies. These calves are now part of the African hoof stock herd.

Look at that beautiful bongo baby at the bottom of the picture! (Source: Montgomery Zoo)

Two of the calves, Heidi and Naveen, arrived at the Montgomery Zoo from the Greater Richmond Zoo. The third baby is Juni, born to another adult female, Gertty. The babies will make their official debut on Thursday, July 18 at 10:00 a.m. at the African Realm observation deck. If you’re not familiar with the zoo’s layout, this area’s right between the Elephant and Cheetah exhibits.

After the Thursday reveal, the new bongos will be on display every other day depending on weather conditions and “animal husbandry needs.”

Here’s what a bongo looks like when it’s all grown up. (Source: Montgomery Zoo)

If you’re wondering what a bongo is, we’ve got you covered – here’s a description from the zoo’s press release:

“Bongos are large, heavy-bodied antelope with short and glossy, orange or chestnut colored coats that is darker on the underside and patterned with vertical white stripes are found inhabiting the dense forests of Eastern, Western and Central Africa,” says the release. “They are the largest forest-dwelling antelope species and one of the most distinctive, with long horns that spiral as high as 35 inches in males.”

Bongos are also herbivorous, so if you somehow fall into the exhibit, you won’t be eaten by bongo babies. Instead, you’ll just be suffocated underneath them as they try to cool off in the mid-day heat by covering themselves in mud.

Not sure which is a worse way to go, honestly.

Here’s another adult bongo, for good measure. (Source: Montgomery Zoo)

In all seriousness, we hope to see you there Thursday morning for the big unveiling!

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