Mrs. B’s Home Cooking opening in new location on March 12

Mrs. B's Home Cooking is the place to find real soul food in Montgomery.

We’ve been keeping up with Mrs. B’s Home Cooking as they try to recover from a late January fire. We reported a couple weeks back that Mrs. B (Margaret Boyd) would be looking to re-open soon, and thankfully, she told us even more recently that those plans have come to fruition. However, they come with a caveat, and as a community member who loves Mrs. B’s, you should be aware!

Mrs. B herself!

First, the good…

“Yes,” Mrs. B wrote to us. “I’m going to 415 Airbase Boulevard. Opening March 12, 2019.”

So – confirmation that Mrs. B’s is returning. That’s all well and good, but there’s always a “but.” Mrs. B said she’s “having problems finding equipment that I can afford.”

She asked Central Alabama Weekend if we knew anybody that had an oven for sale, as well as a good warmer and steam table. If you or anyone you know has one or more of these items, then you know where to go with them.

The famous fried chicken for which the restaurant had become so well-known. 

Mrs. B’s Home Cooking has been a Montgomery staple for some time. It’s one of the most popular lunchtime spots for military servicemen and women working at Maxwell Air Force Base. And in truth, Montgomery police officers and fire fighters agree – they are all supportive of the Mrs. B’s phenomenon. You can check out the video we made featuring Mrs. B’s old location up above, or read our original article here.

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