Prattville’s Cross Garden is Known as ‘Hell’s Warning Label’

Roadside attraction or haunted house? You be the judge.

Halloween is time to celebrate all things creepy and scary. Some stories, like the one we told you about Two-toed Tom, are downright frightening. Others, like today’s topic of conversation, are a little more subtle in their intrigue. Today we’re talking about Prattville’s Cross Garden, otherwise known as “Hell’s Warning Label.”

Check out our video above to see how it got that name – it’s not hard to understand why.

Arriving at the Cross Garden is an experience all its own. Crosses and signs line the side of the road, put in place by late property owner W.C. Rice. He was a devout Christian, following teachings from the Pentecostal arm of the religion. His signs warn against desires like premarital sex, drugs, and other sins of the flesh. Rice’s first crosses went up in 1976, after his mother died. He was inspired by a crossed wreath at her funeral, according to Roadside America.

There are also reconstructions of a manger and other structures all across the property, which individuals are free to roam. Areas in which visitors would be unwelcome are all marked with a “NO TRESPASSING” sign. The buildings are a bit scary, though, so you probably wouldn’t want to go near them anyway.

All-in-all, the creepy factor on the property is pretty high. Ghost hunter Alex Bobulinski told us he feels like he’s being watched when he visits the property. He speculates that it may in fact be Rice watching from the next life.

The Cross Garden and more on Central Alabama Weekend

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