TASTE Montgomery Offers Upscale, Affordable Dining

You can get your fix of fanciful foods at Montgomery's TASTE without breaking the bank.

TASTE Montgomery is one of our city’s most popular new businesses. They’ve been offering the Capital of Dreams a unique food service since they opened, which includes a number of not-so-common attributes. These include: tapas, brunch, wine flights, and cheese plates.

OK – the last one? That’s kind of common, but we love cheese.

At any rate, TASTE has been hard at work over in Hampstead for the past year. They’ve produced an environment that’s distinctly “grown-up,” but at the same time, youthful and energetic. It’s an awesome mix, and there’s a lot of fun to be had. Clint and Ginger Hahn, who own and run TASTE, are always happy to see new people walk through the door. You’ll be met with a grin and handshake, and shown to the bar or a table.

From here, things get even better.

TASTE’s menu is comprised of so much delicious food. They’ve got prime cut steaks, stellar potatoes, out-of-this-world Alfredo pasta, and much, much more. You can find even more information on what’s specific to their menu in our video, or you can simply hop over to their website. And while all that food is delicious, they’ve got one of the most alcohol selections in Alabama – and if you take Clint’s word for it – the entire Southeast. Based on the number of different liquors lining the wall, we’d be surprised if he were wrong.

How to contact TASTE Montgomery

TASTE is located at 5251 Hampstead High Street. They’re one of the first businesses as you come into the Hampstead shopping area. Alternatively, you can also reach out to them online through their Facebook page. They’re always quick to reply, and hey – maybe we’ll even see you down there one of these days!

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