The Coosa Cleaver – Your Exclusive, Inside Look at Wetumpka’s Newest Restaurant

Check out the Coosa Cleaver, the newest addition to Wetumpka's growing infrastructure.

The Coosa Cleaver is the latest addition to Wetumpka’s rapidly growing infrastructure. Part of the Downtown Redevelopment Authority’s attempt to hasten the revitalization of the city’s entertainment district, The Coosa Cleaver is sure to be big fun for everyone. And since this new bar-restaurant combo comes from a couple of Montgomery’s most well-known faces, you can bet to be impressed.

And get this: we’ve got the first big look inside this awesome, new spot – check out our video up above.

The Coosa Cleaver is bringing another helping of class to Wetumpka’s backyard. The first floor is dedicated to the Coosa River, dressed up as a “fishing camp,” according to co-owner Ryan Friday. Here, you can order all sorts of good food: burgers, sandwiches, pastas, salads, and much more. The menu is set to diversify over the coming weeks as the Coosa Cleaver learns what the market likes most.

But maybe you’re not that hungry. Then there are options for you!

Up on the second floor is the space’s ‘1909’ bar. A much classier bar featuring relics from Little Sam’s Cafe – which resided in the same building the Coosa Cleaver now does – the 1909 offers patrons a stellar experience. You can grab a drink, sit at the bar, and converse with the myriad bartenders. Alternatively, you can take a walk over to the two massive windows that look out over downtown Wetumpka. Either way, it’s a good time and you’ll be coming back for more with a quickness.

The Coosa Cleaver opens on Dec. 27, 2018. 

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