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The ‘Grinch Ballet’ Tells a Classic Tale in a New Way

We all know the classic tale of ‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas’ – it’s one of Dr. Suess’ most pivotal stories, and the one that most of you probably remember him from. That story has been brought to life in the ‘Grinch Ballet,’ being performed tomorrow morning at the Jefferson State Performing Arts Center in Clanton.

The event begins at 10:00 am and admission will run you $12.00, supporting students of C.J.’s Dance Factory and the Prattville Ballet.

We realize it’s last-minute, and some of you may not be able to make it out, so we’ve got the next-best thing: a whole ton of pictures for you to check out.

Of course, we have to show you the Grinch himself. Here he is, ready to scare and ruin Christmas for you and the rest of the Grinch Ballet cast…

And the cute little Whos from Whoville have no idea what’s coming! Just look at them – they’re adorable!

It’s not long before the Grinch interjects himself, creating problems for all living in Whoville; and seeing the story told through dance is absolutely cool.

And one brave little Who, Cindy Lou Who, pleads with the Grinch to change his nasty ways. Look at that hair – it looks just like the movie and books!

It’s not long before the rest of Whoville joins in, standing behind Cindy, trying to make the Grinch see the light of Christmas.

Eventually, the denizens of Whoville win the Grinch over. His heart grew three sizes in the course of a night! And he’s pretty darn flexible – just look at him!

And it goes without saying: Whoville won’t ever forget the bravery, courage, and zeal shown by little Cindy Lou Who…

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