The Lake Martin Guide: Things to do

If you’re looking for something to do on Lake Martin, have no fear: we’ve got you covered. Lake Martin is one of Central Alabama’s premiere fun-in-the-sun destinations, and with summer in high gear, what better place to celebrate?

What to do!

Chimney Rock

Chimney Rock has been a popular hangout spot on Lake Martin for generations. Jumping off this graffiti-covered rock has become one of the most exciting things to do on Lake Martin. On a hot summer day, you can find nearly a hundred boats at the rock. There are even food boats – like food trucks… but on the water. So, even if you’re not brave enough to jump off the 40-foot rock, this is still a must-visit site.

Goat Island

Goat Island is also a very popular island to visit on Lake Martin. Like its name suggests, the strip of land is home to a herd of goats, and they’re happy to eat any chips or snacks you might have brought along. Sometimes, they are right on the beach… And other times, you may have to hike a little to find them. These friendly goats are definitely a must see.

Children’s Harbor

Children’s Harbor is known for its services that help sick children and their families get away and relax. You can see the facility from the lake, sitting next to the Kowaliga Bridge. The most noticeable feature is the site’s lighthouse – it truly is one of Lake Martin’s most scenic spots. The facility’s “Church in the Pines” service is held each Sunday at 9:00 am. Children’s Harbor is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm!

The Amphitheater At Lake Martin   

This facility is located right next to Children’s Harbor. The amphitheater hosts events and concerts and features beautiful views of Lake Martin in the background. There are several events throughout the summer, including the Russell Crossroads Fest for Memorial Day Weekend, the Alex City Jazz Fest, and a 4th of July Concert with fireworks. The Amphitheater at Lake Martin is a great place to bring friends and family and enjoy the view.

But where do I grab some food?

Lake Martin comes equipped with an array of great food and drink spots. You might have to drive or sail to get to a few of them – but that’s half the fun, right? Here are some great restaurant options for your next adventure on Lake Martin.

Chuck’s Marina

Chuck’s Marina is a popular pizza joint and bar on the lake. The marina offers live music almost every weekend, making it a hot spot for weekend hangs. In the summer, Chuck’s is usually packed to capacity. While there may be a wait, it’s totally worth it! After a long day on the lake, pizza is always the answer.

The Landing at Parker Creek

This new-ish restaurant has become a popular stop since it’s opening in 2015. The Landing at Parker Creek is a casual dining restaurant that offers an array of items, including burgers, salads, and kids meals. Not only do they have good food, they also have games for guests and kids to play while waiting. For the adults, there is a bar that offers cold brews and beautiful views. The Landing is a go-to place to take your family and friends this summer.

Kowaliga Restaurant

Kowaliga Restaurant is named after Hank Williams’ song “Kaw liga.” As the song was being written, the restaurant started construction. In 2000, the restaurant was leased by Sinclair’s, and in 2012 was changed back to Kowaliga Restaurant. It has a family friendly environment, and even a small beach for kids to play at. Go check out this well-known restaurant next time you’re at the lake!

Niffer’s Place

Niffer’s Place is a popular, family-friendly restaurant at Lake Martin. The casual restaurant offers a wide variety of food and a strong drink menu. It’s a great place to gather with family and friends for good food and drinks while up on the lake.

Harbor Docks

Harbor Docks is a great indoor-outdoor seafood restaurant that’s right on the lake. It is located at Anchor Bay right next to the facility’s Marina. This lake-side dining restaurant has docks, so you can pull right up and enjoy some of the best food around!

Peanut Point

Peanut Point isn’t your typical restaurant – and it doesn’t exactly have an address. It’s a spot on Lake Martin by Woods Island that sells boiled peanuts. This has become a popular spot to visit while on the water. It can be tough to locate, so be sure to plan ahead…

Shipwreck Sam’s Yogurt Shop

Located at Smith Marina, Shipwreck Sam’s is home to tasty frozen yogurt. This is a great place to stop and enjoy a sweet, cold treat after a long, hot day on the lake!