Who’s got Bama’s best peach cobbler? This contest wants to know

Alabama is the home of delicious, southern food. And part of that equation is the famed peach cobbler. Alabamians will have the opportunity to nominate different restaurants around the Yellowhammer State until April 15.

To take part and nominate a restaurant, comment your top pick on this Alabama Farmers Federation Facebook post before the deadline. Of the restaurants named, four will be chosen and visited by cobbler-loving judges in late April. The winner will receive $300, a plaque, and a feature in Neighbors magazine.

The conversation has already spun into high gear over on the Facebook post, so we’d advise you get your nominations in sooner rather than later. Currently, the Facebook post has just over 100 comments. Simple math dictates that there’s now close to 100 restaurants that are now in the running… whether they know it or not!

The logo for the competition.

What do you think? We’re betting that some good recipes and restaurants come out of Clanton. It is, after all, the Peach City!

Peach cobbler and more on Central Alabama Weekend

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