Why is ALDI so Cheap? 8 Reasons this Supermarket Chain is Affordable

ALDI just arrived in Prattville today, and it’ll be in Montgomery soon! You might be asking yourself: “Why is ALDI so cheap?” Here are some reasons you should be shopping at this beloved store in the near future.

1. Why is ALDI so cheap? – Avoiding Brand Names

ALDI does a good job of keeping off-brand items stocked. While you’d pay top-dollar at other grocery stores, this supermarket offers customers a wider array of options. Sure – you may not be getting up to “eat your Wheaties,” but if you’re saving a few cents on every purchase, then you don’t feel too bad about missing out on the brand name.

2.) Why is ALDI so cheap? – Smaller selection equals smaller stores!

ALDI’s selection is a bit smaller, to be sure – but doing so allows them to cut down on wholesaler and distributor costs. What does that mean for you, the customer? It means you’re paying less for the same products you might be getting at other stores. And the reason ALDI is able to afford this cost-cutting is they aren’t having to pay outrageous rent or utility costs.

3.) Why is Aldi so cheap? – Reuse, reuse, recycle

ALDI’s shipping methods are actually pretty ingenious. The material that they use to get goods from one place to the next is also used as it’s container and display. While this may not make for the most visually appealing store, it’s yet another way that ALDI is committed to making sure prices are as low as possible for you. Plus, these boxes have another use…

4.) Why is ALDI so cheap? – Customers bring their own bags, use ALDI boxes

Savings are definitely a two-way street, and ALDI adheres to that policy. When you’re shopping at the chain, you’ve got a couple options for how you transport your goods. First, you can bring your own, reusable shopping bags. This keeps ALDI from having to purchase plastic bags over and over again – plus, it helps the environment. Second – you can grab an empty display box!

5.) Why is ALDI so cheap? – They have fewer employees

If you’ve been to an ALDI before, you probably noticed that there aren’t as many employees inside the store. This streamlined process is made easier by the fact that stocking, shipping, and bagging are more efficient. It’s natural – fewer employees means they’re likely higher-quality, and you don’t have to pay as many people. The result? Lower prices.

6.) Why is Aldi so cheap? – Energy-efficient lighting

Look – it may not be the most exciting reason in the world, but ALDI saves a lot of costs on using eco-friendly lighting. They make good use of LEDs and other long-lasting solutions so they don’t have to replace them with new lights all the time. It’s actually pretty smart, and when you think about the good it does for our planet, how can you go wrong?

7.) Why is Aldi so cheap? – There’s not a lot of decorations

As you walk into an ALDI, you’ll notice that it’s pretty bare-bones. There aren’t many decorations, and that’s by design. While this might change throughout the holiday season or at other times of the year, the fanfare on an everyday scale is minimal. It’s a small way that Aldi saves a lot of money across their numerous stores.

8.) Why is Aldi so cheap? – They don’t run a lot of TV ads

Last but not certainly not least is the fact that ALDI doesn’t run a ton of television advertisements. In fact, it’s highly unlikely you’ve seen an ALDI commercial on television, but what about Wal-Mart or Target? Probably quite a few! That’s another huge way they’ve cut costs for the customer.

Are you going to head to ALDI?

As you likely heard, an ALDI just opened in Prattville and another will be coming to Montgomery soon. Will you be shopping at either of the locations? Let us know by joining Central Alabama Weekend on social media – we’ve got both Facebook and Instagram, so the choice is yours!