Year of Bacon is the Montgomery Biscuits’ 2019 theme

It’s the Year of Bacon down at Riverwalk Stadium, as the Montgomery Biscuits are celebrating Chinese New Year in their own, fun way. The Biscuits announced Thursday that their upcoming season would be full of bacon-related food, bacon-themed merchandise, bacon-themed giveaways, and much more.

Read on to find out how you can be a part of the porktacular festivities!

The first event on the Biscuits’ 2019 schedule is a showdown at the MAX Capital City Classic between Auburn and Alabama. There’ll also be a ton of fireworks at this show to ring in the new season, so we’d recommend this one for sure. From there, events run on a pretty much constant basis through the end of September. The Southern League Playoffs are the last part of the equation; Fan Appreciation Day takes place on September 2.

Find the full calendar below:


Here are some of the highlights, in the event that you’re a bit daunted by all of the text:

Biscuit Zodiac Year of Bacon – The Year of Bacon will tie pork, pigs and delicious food into the merchandise and concessions at Riverwalk Stadium. These specialty food items will include bacon burgers, bacon biscuits, bacon-topped ice cream, bacon-on-a-stick, and more.

MGM Fridays – The newly announced “MGM Fridays” will highlight different aspects of Montgomery and the people who live there. The Biscuits said they are looking at teachers, first responders, and military.

Specialty jerseys – Specialty jerseys will be worn a few times throughout the season. Some of these occasions include Alabama’s Bicentennial, a 70’s-style throwback jersey, and a “Pink out the Park” jersey benefitting the Joy to Life organization.

Kids dress like a player – On Sundays, kids will receive giveaways including t-shirts, hats, jerseys, wristbands, and helmets; there’ll be lots of other giveaways for adults, as well.

Year of Bacon and more on Central Alabama Weekend

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